Top 10 Reasons to Own a Droid X

image ... or any smart phone, really.

It's 2011, and cell phones are basically a necessity of life these days. I'm going to go even further and say that a smart phone will be a necessity by 2015. Maybe sooner.

I've had my Droid X for a week now and love it! I'm finding cool new functions every day. There are several reasons why I believe that having a smart phone is important (and helpful!) But I thought I would just pinpoint on why I love my Droid X. :)

1. Swype -  Making the leap to all touch screen was probably my biggest hesitancy in trading in my Motorola Droid for the Droid X. But after discovering this new, fantastic way of entering text... I couldn't be happier!

2. Social Network app - The built in social network apps are great! From my home screen, I can see the latest status update from my friends, update my twitter and/or facebook status, and post any photo without downloading an app.

3. Camera - With 8mpx and HD video, the camera on my phone is the perfect pocket camera for any event.

4. Large Display - Also a feature I wasn't sure I'd enjoy, but now am so thankful for! The large display makes it so easy to read text, operate the keypad and watch videos. It fits perfectly in my small hand.

5. Facebook Contact Integration - The other day I needed to get in touch with a friend, but I didn't have her number. Thanks to the FB integration, all I had to do was open up a text message, search for her name and there she was in my contacts - number and all. As long as they post their phone number on facebook, you have it. Scary? Only if you're not a friend. (I should also note: in the instance where a facebook friend doesn't have their number listed, you can send them a text via their email address. I did it yesterday, basically awesome).

6. Browser - This should have been first. You have the  whole world (wide web) at your fingertips. Literally. Need the number for a local store? Google is your friend.

7. GPS - Remember when paying $200 for a separate navigation device seemed like a good investment? Now it's standard on nearly every smart phone. No need to have several devices when your phone can handle it all.

8. Mp3 Player - Again, no need to have more than one device. With the standard 8 GB storage, and 16 GB micro SD card (and the ability to expand to a total of 40 GB of memory) you can store your entire music library on your Droid. Plug in some headphones or plug it in through a transmitter in your car, and you'll be wondering what to do with your iPod.

9. Apps - "There's an app for that." Get use to hearing those words. There is, honestly, an app for everything.

10. Mobility - Check your email, read the paper, watch tv, make a grocery list, chat with a friend, play scrabble (see Wordfeud, in the app market) all while your taking the bus to work. You can even blog! I wrote this entire post from my phone. :)