Facebook Addict

Hello, my name is Cassidy and I'm addicted to Facebook. There, I said it.

Maybe you're like me and will find comfort from this post... or maybe you'll just enjoy laughing at me for the next four minutes. Either way, the first step to recovery is to admit. So I've decided to list ten embarrassing facts about this (oh, so painful) addiction.

  • I have a Facebook (FB) app on every electronic device I use and check it daily. Ok, hourly.
  • I refer to FB with sayings such as "so-and-so liked my status" and "so-and-so left me a comment" when engaging in normal conversations with friends.
  • I have the hardest time denying friend requests on FB. Sometimes I accept the request and then remove them later.
  • I consult FB for birthday, anniversary, and event reminders.
  • If someone adds their middle name to their FB profile name, I need to hear them referred to by all three names for my brain to recognize who they are.
  • I FB chat my husband when he is sitting in the same room as me.
  • I am an administrator for over 10 FB pages.
  • I saw The Social Network and went home brainstorming ideas for a new FB app/function.
  • I have 90 photo albums on FB and participate in the 365 project (uploading a picture a day for a year).
  • I play mindjolt games on FB in my free time.

Ok, I feel a lot better letting that all out. If you'd like to add a few of your own, feel free. I would love to know I'm not alone on my journey to recovery.