Traveling like the Jetsons.

I officially despise driving. Yep, I said it. When I turned 16 (almost a decade ago!) I never thought I would say that. I absolutely loved driving. Even if that meant driving my mom's minivan... I didn't care. I enjoyed the freedom of going where I wanted, when I wanted to.  :) But now, I'm tired of it. Probably because the roads are way too crowded and I'm tired of being so tense that someone is going to crash into me. But if I'm being honest, it's probably because I've realized that I'm just really not that good of a driver. I get bored and tired and sleepy and wish I was doing something else. I think I need to convince my husband to ditch the idea of buying a new car... and get an affordable airplane. You heard it here first... cars < airplanes. Just think about how much easier, faster and ultimately more affordable (without having to pay for gas every 300 miles) it would be to fly.

Ponder on that awhile.

On to my main reason for all of this driving nonsense.

This weekend I drove to Jacksonville, FL. to visit with my sis and mom! It was my sister, Courtney's, 21st birthday on October 15th, so we had a little birthday celebration for her on Friday night. Then my mom joined us on Saturday and Sunday. We had lots of fun and shared many laughs. It was a much needed visit. It was also worth driving 800 miles to visit them (although, I still wish I could've flown).

Then, earlier this morning Josh had a procedure done in Birmingham. It was a same-day procedure, so we drove up there yesterday and returned this afternoon. Thankfully, everything went really well and the doctor gave us great news! He said that it looks like the ulcerations and bleeding that were found in his small bowel nearly two months ago are now gone! Healed! It's a miracle! We are praising the Lord for this.

Now, I am so ready to enjoy being home. For a little while, at least. Thanksgiving is coming soon and that means more driving (bleh!) but, more time with family... which equals awesome!!! But, I am secretly praying for the day that we are traveling Jetsons' style. One can only dream.