Weekend Trip!

I'm taking a short trip to Jacksonville... actually, I am packing my bags as I type this. I've become pretty good at packing lightly. I pack two outfits per day, all the necessary undergarments, my hair and makeup supplies, hygiene and bath products, shoes (can't forget shoes!), jewelry, my camera, phone charger, guitar and laptop. I think that's it. Oh wait, I can't forget to grab my pillow! I LOVE having my own pillow.

At least, that seems light to me  :)

My sister's 21st birthday was on October 15th, but she spent the weekend visiting with her fiance' in Washington DC. At my job, we have to request time off before the end of the previous month, so I asked off for the weekend of her birthday... not realizing she wouldn't even be in town. Haha. Fortunately, I was able to work it out with work to switch my weekend off and now I'll get to see both my sister AND my mom in one trip! I'm really looking forward to it.