Making Memories

Hello friends! I decided it was time to do a little updating on my blog. I know I've slacked on my writing, for basically the past year, but I've decided to get back into the swing of things. We'll see how this goes. There's been a few interesting things going on in my life lately. For one, I'm back in school. I'm actually sitting in class as I type this. Our professor didn't show up today, so we're watching a video. And of course, I thought I'd use my time wisely and update my blog. :)  We're already halfway through the semester and I've learned that BCF is different than when I attended almost 3 years ago. Lots of new faces. Sometimes I find myself getting nostalgic for days passed. I made so many great friends here, I learned so many life lessons here, and most importantly... I met my husband here. I walk pass the gym where he first spoke to me, I walk in the coffee shop where I worked and we shared so many talks and I pass by the tree where he ran to hug me and accidentally ripped my toenail off. Romantic, I know.

But that's the beauty of life. Every second we're making memories. My mom used to have this fun saying whenever something funny or sometimes frustrating happened, she'd say, "We're making memories!" Making memories. I've become quite good at that.

Fast forward five years, and now I'm married to my college boyfriend. We're serving at a church with college friends. And I'm back to finish up my last year of college. God is good.

I'll leave you now with a few pictures from my college days. Don't laugh.

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