Judging Fundamentalists for Being Judgmental

I read an article by the writers from Stuff Christians Like in the newest edition of Relevant Magazine and saw this little excerpt... I thought it was great. It's a satire, just in case anyone gets confused.

You know what I don't like about fundamentalist Christians? They're so judgmental. I really don't like when people do that. Don't they know we're supposed to be about love and not judgment? Jesus called us to love Him with all our heart and all our mind and all our soul. And to love others! Don't they get that? It's about love! I'm just so sick of their negative attitudes. They hate dancing, too. Did you know that? I'm not making that up or perpetuating a stereotype. They all hate dancing. They even made a documentary about it one time starring John Lithgow and Hollywood's Kevin Bacon. Gripping stuff really, but I doubt any fundamentalists saw it because they hate popular culture. Ugh, I can barely stand how judgmental they are. You know they don't drink alcohol, right? Oh no, don't ever offer them a glass of wine or a pint of beer. They'll throw that right back in your face. That's kind of a litmus test I use to determine whether you're a fundamentalist or not. If I suggest we have a glass of red wine and you refuse, then I know. I know exactly what you're all about and I can read the depths of your spiritual walk by that simple refusal. You're a fundamentalist and you're judgmental. Sure, I don't know many fundamentalists personally, because I can't stand being around people who are judgmental, but I caught a few seconds of a church service on television once. I think it was a church in Texas. Most fundamentalists either live in Texas or are planning to move to Texas at some point in their lives. But even though I haven't been to a fundamentalist church in, I don't know, ever, you don't need to go to one to know what they're all about. Fire, brimstone and, above all, being judgmental. Don't you just hate how judgmental fundamentalists are? I wish they were more open-minded.